Sep 2006

Are you really as desperate as you sounded yesterday?

Mr. President,

I saw you yesterday politicizing 9/11 again. You sounded "needy." It sounded as though you were pleading with America, "Please please believe me!"
You sounded eerily like the time when you mocked Karla Fay Tucker on the eve of executing her in Texas.

The Tucker case had been in the papers and was widely discussed because you refused to commute her death sentence to life imprisonment and decided to execute her in Texas despite her years of activities after she had become a born-again Christian, ministered other prisoners and performed other charitable work.

How did you answer that reporter who asked you about Tucker's comments during Larry King's televised interview with Tucker? The reporter quoted you saying, "Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, 'don't kill me."

Some people call it believing your own press, or living in a bubble. I like the phrase "Caught in the embrace of your own myth."

You just flat out refuse to listen to what America and the world is saying. You are so mired in so many lies you have told the nation that I don't think you know what the truth is anymore. As far as resorting to using the deaths from 9/11 to support your policies; it is typical of someone who is so desperate that any bounds of morality are plainly disregarded.

It's just so ironic to hear you call for unity after you spent your whole term splitting the country up to win political elections. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is getting what you wanted. You wanted a split America to solidify your base; well you got it junior.

I didn't expect a "Can't we just get along"-Rodney King moment from you, but I guess it shows the level of desperation.

Maybe if you fell on your knees in the Rose Garden and cried like Jimmy Swaggert, the TV evangelist did after it was discovered that he secretly had a long history of meeting prostitutes in various hotels.

It is interesting to think that somewhere, Karla Fay Tucker must be laughing her ass off.

I did not receive the normal thank you for writing auto-response from the White House.