Sep 2006

If you are on a mission for god; may Allah help us.

Mr. President,
For the sake of our democracy and standing in the world the correct guideline for a United States presidents must be, "The means justify the ends" not "The ends justify the means."  

When you were re-elected you spoke of capital you believed you had. What you spent however was the capital that the United States had. Our country had significant capital and a significant reputation as the gold standard for democracy. I say had because we can't claim the high ground since you became our president.

You were badly mistaken about the capital you had and failed to pass any national programs which garnered any prasie from the American people. Your constant slid in the polls highlight that fact.

I am not going to say you purposely sabotaged America. I believe you thought you were doing the right thing. Your beliefs guided your choice of people you listened to and who, in turn reinforced your beliefs.

The mortal flaws of your presidency probably comes from who you are and how you grew up plus your need to leave a legacy larger than your father's. You were told that to achieve the greatness you sought you had to take the bold moves the neo-cons wanted since the Reagan years. Your chances for success were further degraded by your administration's hatred for discarding anything Clinton had pursued. You not only threw out the baby with the bathwater junior you threw out the whole damn nursery.

Your entire presidency has been run like one long political campaign. In short, your term can be summed up as:


This weekend, the Pervez Musharraf the President of Pakistan will be on 60 minutes. His interview will show how low you had to stoop. To get countries to join in your folly, you had to either pay or threaten countries to join the so called "Coalition of the Willing."

Today you and the "so-called-rebel" Republican leaders agreed to a "torture light" version of the Geneva Convention. It gave you the right to determine what torture really also means and retroactively absolve any "misdeeds/torture/murder" by our forces in their pursuit of intelligence of questionable value.

You obviously believe it is ok to rewrite the Geneva Convention and bypass human rights doctrines which we were once known for. All you had to do was bully Congress and trash the Geneva Convention," to provide you a legal shield and still allow you to torture suspects as you see fit.

Abu Gharib, Guantanimo, extraordinary rendition, the unlawful abduction extraction to Syria to have him tortured for 10 months, the kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric off the streets in Milan and sent to a foreign country to be "aggressively questioned," are examples of your power to detain, extradite, inflicting pain and kidnap at-will to satisfy your felt need to root out terror heedless of the consequences to our standing in the world, our democratic ideals and future negotiations with foreign countries.

You have consistently lowered environmental standards on CO2 emissions, mercury emissions, arsenic and rocket fuel content in our water supplies, and ignored Global warming, to satisfy business interests. And I won't even mention how you sold access to our national forests to lumber industries.
Trashing the environment is a minor impediment when it comes to satisfying your commitment to industry. Support for American industry always trumps the welfare of the American people.

Your whole time in office you have bypassed Congress wherever you could. The 600+ signing statements you attached to all those laws passed bu Congress states that the laws do not pertain to you if you feel they hinder your definition of executive powers. Your program to do what ever you see fit, supersedes the balance of power the founders established among the three arms of the government and the need to follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is more of a guideline instead of a hard rule when it gets in your way.

You allowed Rumsfield to use cluster bombs and depleted uranium in Afghanistan and in Iraq to improve American fire power against insurgents regardless of the collateral damage. Killing a few thousand citizens here and there can't be helped when you are bombing Iraq for the greater good of imposing your form of democracy on a country that didn't ask for it to begin with.

Filling critical positions in every arm of the government with inept, but loyal partisans like Brown in FEMA were important to keep everyone in line with your policies despite any contrary scientific studies or reports. Poor support for Americans who depend on government services is not as important as having someone supporting the company line.

It is also important to keep information of government agency operations is hidden. Your administration has classified more information than any other presidency in history. You even recalled and reclassified 30 year-old records from the Achieves. Transparency of our government operations has been hidden in direct violation to "Sunshine Laws." Congress and the American people's need to know. Transparency is not as important as providing yourself the freedom to do what you what you want to do without anyone looking over your shoulder. Keeping your activities secret is more important than supporting the laws of our country.

There are so many more examples, but I'll stop here.

The success of following your ideology and the rules you consistently follow is as obvious as the:
Bombed out businesses and homes in Palestine and in Iraq,
shape of the American middle-class,
purity of our drinking water,
quality of our air
quality of our health care system
reputation of our country around the world,
recovery efforts after Katrina,
deteriorating health of thousands of World Trade Center workers whom you lied to.
State of nuclear proliferation in the world,
number of dead and wounded soldiers and Iraqi citizens.
Number of new left-wing countries in South America since you took office
Number of new gray hears on your head.

Date: September 22, 2006 10:27:40 PM CDT

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