Sep 2006
Bush hatred

I remember 9/11 and everything else that came with it.

Mr. President,
The day of all days comes at last. Christmas day for war hawks everywhere. It commemorates the day when the world was once with us. "Today We Are All Americans" was splashed across the French papers.

That didn't last very long. You successfully guided our country from being, innocent victims of o horrific attack to world-class lepers in record time.

The 9/11 attack has brought about many conspiracy theories because it was just too well timed for your ne-conservative buddies. The attack was the perfect reason to initiate attacks on Mid East countries regardless of their connection to the terrorists, to implement their plan for a United States empire.

The neo-con's ideological justification for war in the Mid East has caused thousands of deaths and injured, with no empire to show for all the misery and the billions of dollars you spent on your Iraq folly.

America, the country of hope and democracy, the victim of an unjust attack, shortly became America, the world's pariah, a pseudo-democracy/monarchy who, if attacked again, would just be getting what it deserves.

It is also a day we are reminded that Osama has not been caught and has indeed escaped American Justice, in part due to the incompetence of our military leaders at Tora Bora and the mercurial nature of Pakistan our sometimes-ally.

It is also a day full of remembrances for the victims of the attacks but also for
the thousands heroic firefighters and rescue teams who now suffer debilitating lung diseases because you decided to sacrifice their health to open the stock markets as quickly as possible. You had the EPA director lie to the workers at the site and said the air was not toxic when you knew better.

It is a day we remember how many more enemies have morphed from the small group of Al Quida, because of your ginned up reasons for war and the debacle of the execution of the war itself.

How you can show your face on this day of days is a testament to the density of that bubble you live in. You don't have a clue. You must be constantly surprised at the animosity by the millions of Americans and most of the world, has towards you.

The stark change of World opinions is best showed by, a Swiss paper defined the attitude in
Europe as "Today We Are All Hezbollah."

I have one question for you junior. Is Cheney having cake to commemorate the day he took over your presidency?

Date: September 11, 2006 6:28:01 PM CDT

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