Sep 2006

Do you think the Taliban just chose the wrong God?

Mr. President,
I am saddened to say that we will not have the benefit of living under THE Constitution and THE democracy which so many have died to preserve.

The recent issue of how to handle enemy combatants is just the tip of the iceberg. The real matter comes down to unimpeded executive power. This agreement grants you the power to define who are suspects and what can be done to them, without habeas corpus guarantees for the accused.

Your administration has been adamant to do anything, regardless of the cost to our democracy in order to provide you with "legal" cover to do what you want, to whomever you want, anywhere in the world.

I swear that you and your cabinet must have come to the conclusion that groups like the Taliban must have gotten it right except that they were praising the wrong God.

How did our government become so radicalized that we are taking on the same narrow view of human rights and religious zeal as the people that flew those planes into our towers?

To show how far we have slipped from the norm, this legislation provides for Soviet Union era-treatment of political prisoners. Instead of a Gulag we have legal black holes which allow secret detainee bases around the world.

You must have believed our pre-9/11-democracy was not up to the task of fighting the people who attacked us that September day.

You constantly advocate and legislate that you and a handful of your advisors are more up to the task; so you slowly and methodically began to erode our Constitution, our rights and freedoms so many people have died for, to give you a free hand.

Sometimes I feel as though I am in the middle of a
Twilight Zone movie marathon. If the terrorists wanted to truly destroy America, they couldn't have asked for a better unwitting accomplice than George W. Bush.