Sep 2006
Disney boycott

My letter to Mickey Mouse.

Mr. President,
Here is what I sent to your buddy the mouse.

Dear Mickey,
I have long and hard about what me and my family will do to protest your airing of "Path to 9/11." I finally decided on a course of action to take regarding your orchestration of falsehoods. By producing "The Path to 9/11" you have crossed a boundary of decency, fairness and respect for our dead victims and the heroes who tried to save them on 9/11.

I am tired of the hateful conservative talk-radio. I am tired of being lied to by my government. And now I am being lied to by the company which produced some of the most lovable characters my daughters ever enjoyed over the years.
Your decision to produce and show the "Path to 9/11" with all its falsehoods even forced us to have a parents-daughters talk about the Disney company.
As we all know real life is not fantasy land and as parents we had to explain to our daughters how the real Disney Studios decided to show a film which is advertized as a documentary which was really fiction, politicised for Republicans to get re-elected.
We had to explain how their childhood heros are produced by a company as evil as any of the protagonists you have ever shown in your movies.
We told them we were going to boycott ABC and Disney. The kids were great about it. One question we couldn't answer was, "Why did Disney do that?

Here are the movies my family are boycotting: Invincible, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Cars, The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D, The Santa Claus 3, Bridge to Terabithia, Meet the Robinsons, Ratatouille, The Wild, Shaggy Dog, Eight Below, Glory Road, Step Up, The Guardian, The Prestige, Deja Vu, Apocalypto, Annapolis, Casanova, Stay Alive, Kinky Boots. Keeping up with the Steins, The Heart of the Game, Once in a Lifetime, The Night Listener, Renaissance, The Queen, Scary Movie 4
Here are the record labels we will refuse to pay to download: Walt Dinsey Records, Hollywood Records, Lyric Street Records, Mammoth Records
Here are the television channels we will not view anymore: The Disney Channel, Toon Disney, ABC, ABC Family, ESPN, SOAPnet, Lifetime, A&E, E!, Jetix
We will add to this list as we become aware of any other Disney productions as they come out.

I am also calling my 401K Fund manager and ask them if they are invested in Disney. I may even 'short' the Disney stock

Despite the fact that me and my family are mere drops in the vast ocean of Disney and ABC viewers, these few drops are voting with our remotes, our vacation plans and our money for Disney-funded movies, or toys. If I get really desperate about viewing another Pirates movie, I'lll borrow it from someone, but I will NEVER buy it.

As parents we have to show our children that we have to stand up to efforts at manipulating history to achieve the political goals of an incompetent administration, and those who support them, wherever we find it in whatever way we can.

I will make this prediction. This issue will not blow over but instead will take on the kind of backlash that Wal Mart has suffered. I don't not base this on my new gut churning reaction to your company, I am insignificant by myself, but to a significant amount of bad publicity I have already seen coming your way.

September 11 will mark more than just our observance of terrorists attacking our country it is also the day Disney destroyed the childhood images of right winning over wrong.

Nice going Mickey

Thomas Guzman