Sep 2006

So many lines so little time.

Mr. President,

Condi's trip to the Mid East is too little too late. The Israel occupation and their merciless bombing of the Palestinian territories have always the main issue and every President since Carter knew it except you.

Her visit to Israel and Palestine is a long time coming.

Although she has been here before, it was always for show, perhaps that is all it is now; a sort of holding action like freezing the opponent's kicker with a time out, until you start a second "shock and awe" campaign in Tehran.

It is the key to resolving many of our woes in that area of the world, but we have done kissed too many Israeli asses to be effective.

It will be up to a different administration to begin this effort in earnest, and they will be starting in a hole so deep they will be able to smell rice cooking.

I am afraid that despite whether IF this a good-faith effort, or not it is a wasted effort.

The news about ex-Republican representative Mark Foley has so many possible lines for late night comics and lampoon-type of news articles.

"Bush says Democrats soft on terrorists, while Republicans are soft on young boys."

"Do you know Republicans don't use bookmarks they just bend over a page."

"Pressure builds on Republicans, until they find relief in the back chamber."

"House needs to get itself cleaned out prior to meeting secretly behind closed doors."

"Republican tattle tail."

"Foley folly foments fear with fellow repugs."

"Republican pedophile claims clergy was cheeky."

"Hastert hasn't heart to hurt household."

"Bush sticks it to Foley but bends over for Hastert."

If the Democrats fail to win at least the House of Representatives this November, it may be time to seriously want to either buy an ample amount of brown shirts and some shiny black hob-nailed boots; join an underground movement, build a bio-shelter, or move out of the country.