Sep 2006

It's the secrets stupid!

Mr. President,
Your obsession with secrecy and stonewalling the press has done wonders for book companies who have obtained thousands of pages that answer the public's demand for transparency. Each tome is either written by conscientious whistle-blowers or their trusted reporters.

Bob Woodward's new book has pried open your vault and accessed how your cabinet works and the devastating truths behind the True George Bush.
Although you claim that you won't divulge information impacting national security, I don't understand how that explains why some reports have been either, kept in draft form, withheld, given to a select few or trashed.
It is hard to keep a secret. Despite installing loyalists in each federal agency and requiring many government workers to take loyalty oaths, there are literally thousands of people who often feel that what you are doing to our country, through their departments is either immoral or illegal and they are moved to say something about it.
MAF54, Republican Representative Mark Foley had secrets too; today, he had to resign because of them. The party of family values seems to value our family's young boys
The Republican party is a large tent indeed, not only do you have inept loyalists infused in various departments but you have all sorts of criminals, like Deke Cunniingham who stole millions of taxpayer dollars, criminal supporter’s Ken Lay who stole millions and ruined thousands of lives, criminal influence peddlers like Abramoff who bribed a yet untold number of Republican congressmen, criminal supporters of torture, like Cheney, Rumsfield, Bolton, other cabinet Neo-cons, house Republicans, and now criminal pedophiles like Mark Foley and his enablers like Hastert who hid the fact Foley was a pedophile because winning at all costs in November means children safety is secondary.
Once you cross, the line of morality nothing is sacred, and your party has crossed that line a long time ago. Perhaps one day you will look back and ask where everything starting to go south on you. Was it limiting women's rights, distorting science, obscuring health issues, suppressing voter's rights, endangering American health, abandoning our poor, disenfranchising our children's education, denying civil rights to immigrants and Americans alike, abandoning the Constitution and the rule of law, or starting an illegal war and killing thousands of innocent people?
The Republican Party certainly is one big tent ...full of thieves, liars, murderers, war criminals, and now child molesters.
Secrets, George; secret lives, secret deals, secret justifications, secret meetings, secret prisoner locations, and what did it gain you, the wrath of the world, and the disdain of millions of Americans.

Date: October 1, 2006 4:51:04 PM CDT

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